Sustainable Gift Guide

Sustainable Gift Guide
The festive season has (unofficially) begun! And with it the hunt for the perfect gift for our loved ones. But the need to avoid mindless consumption and gift sustainably instead is more important than ever. So, for anyone in need of inspiration, we have created this sustainable gift guide - from team MUD to you!


Ehrlich textil

For cozy days at home: Erlich textil creates beautiful and sustainable loungewear, underwear, activewear, and home textiles. Their comfortable loungewear and bed sheets made from organic cotton make the perfect gift.



Zwei verschiedene Paare Socken von der nachhaltigen Marke Qnoop.

A classic you can never go wrong with: Qnoop makes beautiful socks with GOTS-certified organic cotton. They also make sure their socks don’t get lost - every pair comes with an attached button and loop so you can tie your socks together after wearing them and never lose a sock again.



Zwei verschiedene Bilder eines schwarzen Rucksacks von GOT BAG.

GOT BAG cleans up our oceans. They produce their stylish backpacks out of ocean plastic and use a part of their revenue to support the development of a waste infrastructure in Indonesia. This backpack is a great accessory and supports a great cause.


Marcel's Green Soap

Zwei verschiedene Bodybars von der Marke Marcel's Green Soap.

Stay clean and green: Marcel’s Green Soap is made with 100% vegan and 97% biodegradable ingredients. This body bar is completely plastic-free and other products come in 100% recycled plastic.


A Life on Our Planet

Ein Bild des Buchs A Life on Our Planet von David Attenborough.

A great gift for one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions: reading more. David Attenborough, most commonly known for narrating wildlife documentaries, has written his witness statement after decades of experiencing nature first hand. He discusses the wonders of nature, the impacts that human activity has had on it, and potential solutions that could save it.


Loop.a Life

Zwei verschiedene nachhaltige Pullover von der Marke Loop.a Life.

Another classic: A beautiful sweater, minus the unsustainable practices. Loop.a life produces sustainable sweaters, cardigans, dresses, and accessories with recycled materials and circular production processes. 


MUD Christmas Voucher

MUD Jeans christmas voucher

We may be biassed but we think our circular jeans make for the ideal sustainable gift! For anyone who wants beautiful jeans while also saving 93% water and 74% CO2 in comparison to industry standard. We have partnered up with Justdiggit, who is digging water bunds to regreen Sub-Saharan Africa and will finance one water bund per voucher. Your loved one will receive updates on the bund to witness the positive impact that their gift has created.

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